Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

K&A Marketing has its roots in the community and takes its social responsibilities seriously. We are committed to uplifting disadvantaged youths through a number of CSR interventions. Many social ills including poverty, unemployment, gutter education, gangsterism, crime and substance abuse occurred as a result of the socio-economic conditions that our people endured under the previous government. These conditions continue to affect those who live in disadvantaged areas on the Cape Flats including Langa, Lavender Hill, Steenberg, Lotus River and many others. The youth in these areas are especially at risk.

Cape Tribute Foundation

The Cape Tribute Foundation (CTF) was established by Kirk Arendse of K&A Marketing as a CSR initiative to educate and empower artists from around Cape Town through the support of other industry professionals. The group is passionate about preserving gospel music and works to promote gospel music and commemorate its greatest performers. The individuals who make up the CTF Management Board share a common concern about the lack of support for next-generation gospel artists. The team of mentors at CTF understands the needs of aspiring artists in today’s market and, by assisting them to develop their talents, the Foundation is able to improve professionalism and promote gospel music in the context of secular society. Wilmot Fredericks, Peter Phillips, Neville D and Elton Jansen are just a few well-known names who have contributed their time and skills in order to see this mandate fulfilled.

Square Hill Primary

K&A Marketing has run a CSR intervention at Square Hill Primary in Retreat since 2009. What initially started as an annual contribution to the Christmas Carol function has gradually grown into a more regular project. We now assist with various other school events throughout the year by providing the décor and sound equipment that is needed. In addition, we contribute to the running of the school’s soup kitchen. When the need arises, we also give discretionary assistance to students to cover the cost of school fees, textbooks and uniforms.